What is WorkshopE ?


“WorkshopE” is an empowering concept for children pursuing studies and people associated with them by: - Clarify confusions, answer queries and provide solutions associated with their education & career related apprehensions.

Who Can Participate in WorkshopE?


WE is for children pursuing studies and people associated with them.

Where it will be conducted?


At your child's school. Kindly contact us or your school for WE.

What are WE Benifits?


The entire process will help to:

1. Understand Growth & Development factors of children.

2. Physical Strengths, Potentialities & Possibilities of children.

3. Nutritional Needs of children.

4. Guidance and Association of Guardians on Socio-emotional environment.

5. Understand future possibilities of child.

6. Anticipate Future Behavior of Child.

7. Provide Guidance to Improve Situation & Education Program for children.



For Financial aspects and other queries kindly feel free to contact us.

How much time WE process takes?


The entire process will take 90 days to complete this activity for 100 students.