Why is it My Green Terrain?


A tremendous social responsibility comes with being a successful public performer. Here, we believe first we as an individual should participate to motivate others.

Who Can Participate in My Green Terrain?


Everyone! we are together for this noble cause. Let's Participate in this true CSR...Help Yourself! Help Others! My Green Terrain!

I don't know about Plants & how to nurture them?


No Issues. Our experts are here to help you. We will work hand to hand. Get Ready.

I don't have space for plants?


Then what? We will help you in space management.

How many Plants I can adopt?


At least 2 Plants for yourself only. Minimum 100 Plants for your family and as many as you want for social responsibility.

How is it beneficial for me?


It will help you for the healthy survival for your own family via providing you sufficient Oxygen, beautifies your sanctity, serenity and lots more!