savita sharma

Mrs. Savita Sharma PrincipalAdarsh World School

Plants are like children. Needs our attention and when they become tree payback us like earning hands of family in the form of necessary requirements of life like Oxygen, Fruits, Rain/water, Wood, Shelter and life saving drugs too. I am so happy with this unique concept My Green Terrain which actually enabled me to participate in this noble cause without any second thought. I appreciates and accepts this CSR activity with my soul. As a Initial Alliance/ Education Sector am feeling more responsible to promote My Green Terrain without waiting any more.

No Thoroughfare

No Thoroughfare Indian Rock BandNo Thoroughfare

When string vibrates it Excites! Sooth! Cries! Motivates! or Rejuvenates Us! We are ready to vibrate strings of heart to fill enthusiasms in the blood of Youth that Let's Adopt Trees and replenish enough resources for us and for our future too. Get Ready we are coming to have your confirmation for My Green Terrain!

manish nautiyal

Manish Nautiyal DirectorUnmix2mix Ent. Pvt. Ltd

We are doing everything to promote all artificial things for our lifestyle. Its time to pay our debts in the form of active participation to support nature. I will contribute via my creative understandings and skills to My Green Terrain in order to promote and motivate people around.

prabha kiran

Prabha Kiran ChairmanUnited Human Rights Fed.

Amazing to see such a wonderful concept with a streamlined approach. I am sure MGT will set the milestones for ecological restoration. I commit my part as social activist with My Green Terrain!